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Where are your products made?

All Twinkling Tabletops beeswax candles are made by our team of artisans in Australia. We partner directly with a beekeeper to who has been taking care of his happy apiary of bees since 1989.


Why beeswax? 

  • Twinkling Tabletops candle are made with either 100% Australian beeswax or a blend of beeswax and soy. No fragrances, palm or paraffin wax meaning that they are the safest candle to burn in your home and around your family
  • Beeswax is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Beeswax candles emit negative ions, these negative ions help pull impurities (dust, dirt, pet dander) out of the air, reducing the level of air pollutants and irritants in the air you breathe - perfect for allergy suffers
  • Beeswax candles are known to burn brighter, longer, and cleaner than any other candle


Are your candles scented?

Our candles have no added scent, they have the most gorgeous subtle scent of honey from the 100% natural beeswax.


Why are my natural candles all different colours?

Beeswax naturally varies in tone depending on the flowers pollinated and the time of year at which it has been harvested, but we aim to keep our candles as consistent as possible.


How long do your candles burn for?

Beeswax is a slow burning material which means that our candles last far longer than candles made from other materials. You can find further information on burn times on our product pages.

Where can I buy your products?

At Twinkling Tabletops and select stockists, please see our stockist page for further information.


Do you offer custom colours?

Absolutely! If you have a special occasion that you need a specific colour candle for we can absolutely create this for you! Contact us for further information.


The product I want is on pre-order, what does this mean?

We are working to get your Twinkling Tabletops product to you as quickly as possible! All pre-order delivery dates will be listed in the product pages. We will keep you updated over email about any potential delays. If you have ordered product that is in stock along with stock that is on pre-order, your entire order will be shipped when the pre-order items arrive. 

Standard return policies apply to all pre-orders.

The due date on pre-order items are an approximate delivery date which may vary, we do not take cancellations on pre-orders or refunds prior to shipping


I received a damaged item. What now?

If your item arrives faulty or damaged, please contact us with your name and order number within 7 days of receipt, we will then work with you replace or refund your item. 

Please note: our candles are hand poured and hand dipped which can at times create tiny air bubbles in the wax. These imperfections are part of the wonderful hand made nature of these candles and are not a valid reason for return.

We are unable to accept returns on items after 7 days.


I would really like to talk to someone, is there a number I can all?

Absolutely, our contact number is 0416 172 394


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